About Us

The New Ventures Legal Team (NVLT) was set up by the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2014. NVLT comprises LLB, JD and PCLL students from the CUHK. Led by the advisors Professor David Donald and Professor Jyh-An Lee of the faculty, the team works independently but closely with the Pre-Incubation Centre (Pi Centre) of the CUHK.

We aim to provide information for new ventures such as student initiatives and start-ups. Apart from in-house presentations and legal workshops with CUHK students,  We believe it is important to create and share accessible legal resources with the public.

This website contains our research work on essential legal knowledge for startups in Hong Kong. Please read through our disclaimer, notice and take-down policy before using the website.


Hong Kong Law for Startups

Our 'Hong Kong Law for Startups' (HKLS) contains a basic overview of relevant Hong Kong law pertaining to startups which is practical and commercially relevant. The publication will provide legal information for entrepreneurs until they reach the stage where they can afford basic legal services. The target audience are entrepreneurs, particularly students and youth, who want a basic understanding of Hong Kong startup law. The publication will include topics which startups are expected to use or have knowledge about. It is expected that the topics included will grow as new needs are identified through discussions with entrepreneurs. Each topic will be presented as a short and concise summary of the laws, regulations, and procedures relating to that issue.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at info@nvlt.hk for comments. We sincerely hope that the website would be your go-to and reader-friendly legal toolkit!